Welcome to the Soldiers of Christ website!

We are a group of young people passionate about seeking God’s will for our lives and for our nation. We want God to refine us and use us to change our nation. The Bible tells us in 2Cor 10:5, ‘bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ,’ so that starts with us but it doesn’t stop with us, especially as we have to cast down ‘every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God’!

We see how society is going downhill all around us, how laws are being used to promote evil and restrict Christian freedoms and virtue, how our politicians are rejecting the Word of God and replacing it with their own values.

We want to be a voice for righteousness in our nation, speaking out against evil and injustice wherever we see it, just as the Lord leads. And we are going to do stuff as well, get out on the streets and the meeting places, stand up for Jesus, and make sure the bad guys know that the people of God are here!

But we have to be moving in the spirit, and the place to find the mind of God is in the word of God. If you are already believing in the Bible as the inerrant word of God, then you will want to get in to what the Bible says to us today in our personal lives, about current events and issues, and move into some serious warlike prayer, seeking the Father in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We’ll meet online most of the time, but we have some exciting meetings and weekends in the planning stage. We want to be a band of brothers, with Jesus as our commanding officer, supporting each other to see the banner of the King of kings exalted over the whole of society.

There is some information on the Biblical background of Soldiers of Christ on the pages on this website but if you would like any further information, or are interested in signing up to become a part of this exciting move of God, just contact us or leave a message on a page and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enlist in soldiers of Christ today for free: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/socuk/

Soldiers of Christ is a youth ministry of Christian Voice UK.


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  1. Kevin


    Your second paragraph should read as follows: “We see how the Lord Jesus Christ is not loved or obeyed and how people are walking blindly to hell, and so obeying his command to love him with all our hearts and to love our neighbours as ourselves, we expose sin, set forth Jesus’ righteousness and call people to start living for Him rather than themselves and to trust that his death saves them from hell and enables them to be brought into God’s family.”

    You main concern should not be that “our society” is not as comfortable as you would like it to be. Our Master has not called us to build a comfortable society. He has called us to proclaim the Gospel. Gospel proclamation does involve exposing sin and so it is appropriate to campaign outside of abortion clinics, cinemas, factories that exploit their workers, offices of groups that promote gay marriage. I share your concern that many in the church have forgotten this. However, the aim should always be to show that these specific sins are evidence of rejecting God in whose world we live, to warn of God’s wrath to come and to hold forth the Gospel calling men and women to turn and trust. The aim is not to establish a society that is a nice place in which we can live. Jesus does call us to pray “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” but he prepares us for rejection by teaching us that this will only finally be fulfilled when he returns and his kingdom comes. Until then we should expect to suffer persecution as we live godly lives, in fact everyone who wants to live a godly life will be persecuted.

    Your fellow soldier, Kevin.

    1. Kieran Lowe

      Just generally a bit concerned with why you are calling yourselves “radical” and “soldiers”.
      Also, just so I understand the context of what your organisation represents and fights for, can you explain who are the “Bad guys”?
      Many thanks

      1. Peter Greensmith

        We call ourselves ‘radical’ because we are doing what other youth groups don’t generally seem to do. We want to train and equip young people in a Christian worldview, helping them to stand up for their beliefs in an increasingly secular society. We call ourselves soldiers because we are fighting against the culture of secularism around us, we are standing up for the truth. In saying this, we refer to the Bible where it says that our ‘battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of this dark age. We aren’t calling Christians to physical battle but spiritual war which the Bible says we are part of. The language used here is spiritual, not literal. I hope this helps? If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. May God bless you.

        1. Linda

          The Salvation Army call themselves soldiers.

  2. Samson Bukenya

    Please I love what you are doing- I have a smiliar campaign here in Uganda called Ignite Jesus

    1. Victoria Wilson Darrah

      Hello Samson. Keep up the good work, my brother. Praying for you and Ignite Jesus.

  3. Phway Bu

    You are welcome to bring SC to my nation, Myanmar.
    I am Pastor Phway Bu and I would like you to come and see us and Myanmar needs you and your prayers for change.

    pastor Phway

  4. Darryl Allen

    I also love what you are doing. I am a young 72 year old so I would not qualify but I do qualify in other areas. I share a Christian worldview and am fighting the spiritual battle gains satanic leadership in Australia with other oldies. I would like to facilitate the establishment a similar movement here in Australia. Better if the movement was worldwide uniting committed Christians to the cause and open the people of all ages. I appreciate the importance of focusing on young people and I very strongly support this approach because there is such an urgent need to engage the future leaders of the nations. My commitment is largely motivated for the future of humanity, my children, grandchildren and generations to follow. Maybe I could qualify if considered a ‘young’ thinking old person.
    I am a member of the Christian Democratic Partly in Australia. A party set up by arguably the most longest serving Christian bias politician in Australia.
    I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you would also share your response by email. I may miss your reply on this website.

  5. Christopher

    Who found this amazing organization? I think what you stand for it absolutely the truth. In a society like today’s we need all the Soldiers we can get.

    1. Peter Greensmith

      Hi Christopher,

      Soldiers of Christ was founded by Christian Voice UK – you can find our website at http://www.christianvoice.org.uk

  6. Adam

    This website looks very interesting and I will probably join. But just out of interest how are Soldiers of Christ trained in particular? Especially online?

    1. Peter Greensmith

      What we are aiming to do is to start a forum where young people can talk to each other and learn more about what God has to say to us today. We are also planning on holding some training events around the country.

  7. Nataline

    Hi, if your aim are in line with God’s heart then I understand your purpose. The greatest “weapon” one can use is love unconditional. The greatest disposition we can have on this earth is to exemplify the character of God and allow His will to be done in us. I respect that you make reference to the Word but encourage that we keep it in context for this relevant season. I would think it better we teach our youth to be Ambassadors and reflect the truth rather than soldiers of warfare. There is a place in relationship with God where one is at rest and there is no warfare, lets aim for that.


  8. James


    I just came across this page, do you actively meet up and band together as soldiers of christ or do you just post events and invite members in that area to come along? Can i contact you by private email?

    Kind regards


    1. Peter Greensmith

      Hi James,

      Currently we post events and invite members in the area to come and join us but we are currently looking at ways we can develop this ministry. You can certainly contact us by email – our email address is [email protected]

      May God bless you,

  9. Tanya

    I am very pleased with what you are doing I think it is amazing the young people need to be heard I think you are doing a great job keep going

    1. Joshua

      Through this website i understant that how important to be agood so soldier of Christ.

  10. simon

    great to see young people responding to God’s word.

    i can highly recommend publications by belmont house – if anyone needs support in regard to living up to the rules God wants us to live by.

  11. Andy (aoc)

    Glad to see similar movements in other countries for the cause of our Savior. Let me know if you would like to talk sometime.

    Andy (aoc)
    II TIM 2:3



    1. Peter Greensmith

      Hi there brother. If you follow the links on this website then you will be able to sign up to be a member of the Soldiers of Christ movement.

      May God bless you!

  13. Terence Coates

    Will your leaflet on evolution/creation be available to download?

  14. Pat

    When I took my confirmation I was then deemed a Soldier of Christ The Lord. Calling this group soldiers is correct as this is the promise many of us made as Christians, to fight for our beliefs against those that would kill and subjugate all who do not follow Islam.

  15. Maureen

    Just to add a little word about ‘confirmation’ here…
    This in not to be confused with being ‘baptized’ as it is so different, even being ‘christened’ the latter is something that is held for an infant, making the parents and family to believe that the baby is now a ‘Christian’ that is just not so.
    It is man’s tradition, not God’s.
    Adults are to be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and takes place AFTER coming to faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour, totally different from ‘confirmation’ and ‘christenings’
    It is awful the way some churches lead people to believe that by having these last two traditions held that it allows the person then to become a Christian.
    We are not Christians until we accept Christ into our lives, repent of our sin, truthfully and honestly, and accepting Him as Lord of our lives, as Jesus said Himself in John 14 v 6 ‘YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN’

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