A New Model Army

All Soldiers of Christ must seek to have a prayerful self-denying spirit.
They will seek the face of God and learn how to delight in Him and in His Law and Grace, seeking to be like trees planted by rivers of water, bringing forth fruit to the glory of God (cf Psalm 1:2-3, John 15:7-10).  They will study the Scriptures and let God speak to them through their prayer and meditation.  Through knowledge of the Word of God they will find the mind of God, and through their prayers and their lives they will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

They will love God with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their mind (Matt 22:37).  They will live their lives in obedience to Christ and his commandments, in holy fear of God, honouring him in their daily walk, filled with the Holy Spirit and with joy.
They will love their neighbour as themselves.  Because of that they will use their increasing knowledge of the Scriptures to see what God says to nations, to understand the signs of the times and contend with the darkness of our age.  The prophets Samuel, Elijah and Elisha trained up a group of men to act as a prophetic witness to preach the word of God to those in power.  There is the same need today.

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