Arrows In The Hand Of A Mighty Man

The Apostle Paul set out a model for young Christians when he wrote about single people having time to be involved in the things of the Lord (1Cor 7:32-34).  The fire and energy of youth, he seems to be saying, can be and needs to focused on the cause of righteousness.  Put that with what Psalm 127 says about young people, and we begin to see something encouraging.

The Psalmist says the children of the youth are ‘as arrows in the hand of a mighty man’ (Ps 127:4).  The important features of a good arrow are its shaft, its tip and its fletch.  The shaft is straight and true.  The fletch gives the arrow direction.  The tip gives it penetrative power.  So church youth need to be straightened out, sharpened up, given direction, and let loose on the enemy, clad of course in the Gospel armour of Ephesians 6.

Young people can be fully integrated into the prophetic mission of the church, fully utilised in the Lord’s service, confronting evil, spreading the kingdom, deepening their faith – and enjoying themselves by the comradeship of purpose at the same time.
Young men of valour did great things for the Kingdom of God in Old Testament Bible times.  Their successors can do even greater things in the name of the incarnate Son of God, the crucified, risen, ascended, glorified King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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