Brighton Pride Witness

On Saturday 1st September, members of Soldiers of Christ attended the ‘gay pride’ event in Brighton to hold a witness and outreach for the people of Brighton and the homosexual community. We started at Madeira Drive where the parade began at 11am.

There was the usual display of depravity seen at gay pride events. Many men were dressed up as women, and there were others wearing very revealing or sexual clothing.

As we started giving out tracts to people along the parade route, we were met with mixed reactions. By far the most common reaction was from people telling us that Christians shouldn’t judge others, and that we were sinning by telling others homosexuality is a sin. This stance seems to be being taken by more and more people.

The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin. All sexual activity except that between a man and a woman in the confines of the marriage bed is sinful. (Please see the article on homosexuality for more information)

In Matthew 7:1-2 Jesus said, ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.’ When Jesus spoke these words, he was not commanding us not to judge. He was telling us that we should judge things by the Word of God. For it says in 1 Corinthians 6:2-3, ‘Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?’

Most people didn’t seem willing to listen to anyone explain what the Bible says about homosexuality or judging others. Many of the reactions to us being there were from people who had already made up their own minds about God and his word. There seemed to be a large number of people who were anti-Christian. The ’homosexual community’ always try and promote ‘tolerance’. However, what they call ‘tolerance’ means full acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Anyone who dissents even slightly is branded ‘hateful’, ‘bigoted’ or ‘homophobic’. Homosexual ‘tolerance’ also includes strong anti-Christian sentiments. A number of people shouted insults and others spoke about God in a very vitriolic way.

However, God was in our midst. We also had a number of conversations with people who were genuinely interested in why we were there and what the Bible had to say. We were asked a range of questions about our faith, evolution, the authority of the Bible and homosexuality. In answering people’s questions we strived to follow Peter’s lead where he said in 1 Peter 3:15, ‘But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:’ We shared the message of hope and salvation that we have found in and through Jesus. Peter Greensmith, Youth Worker for Christian Voice also had the opportunity to share his testimony of freedom from homosexuality.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to share the gospel with the people in Brighton. Please pray that the seeds sown that day in people’s hearts will come to fruition, and as a result of this many will come to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Soldiers of Christ plan on holding outreaches at other events in the future. Please enlist today to be kept up to date with all of the latest information.

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  1. L SHarkey

    Good on you, soldiers of Christ!!!

  2. Stephen M

    Matthew 7.1-2 must be the most misquoted verses in scripture. The unsaved love it. But Jesus was referring to christians not judging christians in these verses. If one is to read further as far as the end of verse 5, it’s evident that He is saying for us not to judge each other. This however would not apply to us (christians) if we use discernment to judge non christians. We are in a position today where we MUST exercise judgement in non christian matters. There are so many cults out there with a mix of some truth and a lot of lies. If Jehovahs witnesses or mormons call at our doors, how else are we to discern if they are cults or not unless we judge their doctrines. Then once we have examined unGodly doctrines (judged) we can rightly divide the Word of truth – 2 Tim 2.15 – and avoid being deceived. If we are to avoid the great falling away, we MUST judge in matters that are not of Jesus. Hope this helps, Stephen.

  3. Nicholas Applebee

    Very courageous in very unpleasant circumstances. Maybe the Lord will honour the effort, will pray so.
    Thanks for good and useful scriptures to accompany your reports, always encouraging.

  4. ann farmer

    There can be no doubt that the hatred aimed at those not judging, but warning of disordered lifestyles, whether heterosexual or homosexual, has a spiritual basis. What else can we conclude when there is such a vehement reaction against those whose aim is to set free those who are captive?
    After pushing against the door marked ‘forbidden’ for so long, when it flies open, campaigners for sexual freedom let themselves in for a terrible fall. They have what they always wanted, but it is not heaven but hell. Why else try to ‘shoot the messenger’?

  5. John Allman

    I would appreciate some support, at

    and some more signatures on my petition to the government, to stop funding Terrence Higgins Trust.

  6. David Wilson

    I do wonder what the aim is: are you putting your pearls before swine, or are you being a light to them by your own life, for example by your lack of love of money. Or are you simply declaring that they are lost and face judgement, rather than also tell them that Jesus is seeking the losr and loves then.

    On the subject on the love of money, I pray the soldiers of Christ will regularly come to the city of London to show their love to the up standing members of society who are great lovers of money – I have been there 20 years, and I have never seen anyone really doing this in the street. What would Jesus think.

    1. Peter Greensmith

      The aim of Soldiers of Christ is to speak the truth in the ungodly nation that we live in. We both tell people that they are lost and deserve judgement, and tell them that Jesus is seeking the lost and loves them. You can’t preach one without the other. Anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as Lord, whether it be an adulterer, thief, homosexual or anyone else, is lost.

  7. Threlfall

    Dear Sir, God is looking for a separated people who he can empower like Jesus in these last days. Greater works than these shall he do because I go to the Father. Separated sanctified lives will make all the difference. We must get in close union with God in Christ. If we are obedient the day of miracles is not over!

    Kind Regards
    A friend

  8. Richard Howlett

    An excellent article – many thanks! Having read the “Comments” made to date, I would like to contribute this:

    “Judging” has two parts to it: to assess, and to condemn. Condemnation is The Lord’s unique job, and He exercises amazingly forbearance – though He will ultimately destroy those who refuse to repent of their sins. It’s not the job of the Christian to condemn, (though he may find himself being God’s instrument to express His condemnation – as, for example, some British Christians doubtlessly did in the two world wars).

    As for the assessment part of judgement: “The spiritual man, [the genuine Christian walking with The Lord] judges all things but himself is not subject to judgment”. We Christians can make such assessments – accurately – because we have the mind of Christ. We can assess where others are at, and we are indeed meant to judge one another as “judgment begins with the house of God”. When we find a brother caught in a sin, we should help him to get out of that trap; thus a lot of sins may be covered over, (with the propitiatory blood of Christ). But in order to be in a position to make such assessments, we must have had that “log” taken out of our own eye. This log is Jesus’ metaphor for the old man or carnal nature; taking it out is His way of referring to being born again of the Spirit of God. Until that happens, we are blind; we cannot make a right judgment – even of ourselves, let alone others. But once we have admitted and repented of our sins, believed in the completed work of The Lord Jesus Christ to make us righteous in God’s sight, and have the received The Holy Spirit, we can make right judgments. Then we can help our brother get that “mote” or speck out of his eye – that particular sin that is obscuring his clear vision of The Lord.

    We all “pick up” sins, and continually need cleansing of them. That’s what Jesus was referring to when He washed Peter’s feet – even though Peter was at that time already baptised, (had a bath of his whole body). We disciples of Christ should help one another in that way – Jesus taught it is an essential part of fellowship, and promised blessing would follow. But to have such relationships requires implicit trust of one another. That does not come about by sitting next to someone “in church” Sunday-by-Sunday, but as we truly care for one another and get involved in one another’s daily lives . Because UK Christians are doing this so very little, we are not doing as good a job as we could at showing the unsaved in this country the reality of sin, how to deal with sin, and how to live in a holy way, as “without holiness no-one will see God”. Let’s encourage one another, and “get real” with each other! It will help the unsaved around us too.

  9. Mike Lampard

    Yes, the ‘tolerance’ issue is one of total distortion. As this article states, we as Christians are required to be tolerant of such filth, but those involved in such a ‘gay’ (stupid) life stylke refuse to be tolerant of Christians. It saeems that their whole thought process is thoroughly distorted and utterly corrupt. Pity we have politicians leading us as a nation with a very similar mind set!

  10. Johnson A

    I just want to say that there is hope for ourbeloved nation, UK . Iam glad that younger generation are coming up with the Holy Ghost power to confront all these nonsense kind of lifestyly that older church folks tolerarated and timid to confront. I see this initiative ( Soildiers of Christ ) . as the rising up of Josiah generation that will pull down the house of sodomites both in the church and outside the church. “And he ( Josiah ) brake down the houses of the sodomites, ( homosexuals) that were by the house of the LORD…”. I pray for boldness over the lives of all members of Soldiers of Christ. I will like to be involved with them in the area of prayer and strategic bible teaching to enhance their activities if possible.

  11. Steve Hay

    Good, and brave work….sign of the Holy Spirit at work in and through you. I have heard that Brighton’s churches (all?) are reticent about doing outreach because of labelling as ‘intolerent’ etc. Good to see evidence to the contracy!

  12. Martin Horan

    I thought that Christians were supposed to have nothing to do with the unrighteous works of darkness, CONTEND for the faith, come out from among them, and love not the world, and so on.
    Jesus Himself said that if we are not for Him we are against Him and if we do not gather with Him then we scatter.
    One of the most amazing Christians I met was a homosexual who laid it on the line to other homosexuals.
    His view was if they didn’t repent they would end up in perdition. Interestingly, that’s actually what the Bible teaches.
    God, he told me, hadn’t taken away his homosexuality but he was not living that lifestyle despite his great struggles against it.
    He thought the idea of Christians being practising homosexuals was not only absurd but hypocritical. His view was that when heterosexuals become Christians they cannot have sex outside of marriage–and God tells us what kind of marriage that is–viz, heterosexual. Why is it, he’d ask rhetorically, that homosexual so-called Christians think they are the exception to the rule?
    I know another homosexual Christian who acts and believes the same.
    Those two men appear to know more about what Christ taught than some heterosexual “Christians” do. That’s hardly surprising when we consider the liberalism in churches today where the idea that anyone who tolerates sound doctrine, as Scripture says we should, is condemned as Pharisiacal.
    It’s strange to hear that accusation bandied about when the Pharisees were condemned by Jesus Christ for not being sound in doctrine but for putting their traditions above it–pretty much like the liberals.

  13. tracy

    well done good and faithful servants! your courage and compassion is commendable, may God bless the fruits of your labour.

  14. John Stapylton-Boyce

    Great stuff. All of us Christians need to get out there and ‘do’. As 2 Cor. 5 reminds us, we are ‘Christ’s ambassadors’……we have a King and kingdom to represent in a foreign land.

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