Fighting In Occupied Territory

Fighting in Occupied Territory

While the Church was asleep, sunk in pietism, allowing the Almighty Ruler of the universe to become a private lifestyle choice, repealing the Ten Commandments, setting no difference between the clean and unclean, (Ezek 22:26) Satan walked unopposed into Britain like Hitler marching into France. As a result, Britain today is occupied territory, Satan has taken control of virtually the whole of the Establishment. The Government and Civil Service, Local Government elected members and officers, The Health Service, Higher Education and Schools, The Police, the Fire Service, Big Business and of course the Media are with a few noble exceptions in enemy hands.

It isn’t a conspiracy of the men in control. It doesn’t need to be any more. It just so happens that only those who have a certain outlook (normally described as ‘politically correct’, but ‘anti-Christian’ would be a better description) are selected, fast-tracked, promoted and placed in the top Establishment jobs. The result of Satan’s painstaking campaign is just now beginning to bear fruit. At every level the Establishment in the United Kingdom has turned and is still continuing to turn its collective back on the Lord God Almighty and our Saviour and Redeemer.

However, the Lord Jesus is the rightful ruler of Britain. On His Ascension he was given the keys to our land as He was those of all the kingdoms of the world. (Luke 19:12) On top of that, our queen renewed this nation’s voluntary covenant with God when she was anointed by God and crowned in 1953. Satan has stolen the United Kingdom from the Lord Jesus. Jesus wants it back. The trouble is, he has a bodily presence on earth which does not know how powerful it is and a lot of it has either given up or not even recognised that it is in a spiritual war.

The public, of course, feel powerless. So could the Body of Christ, if it were not for the character of our King and the armoury with which He has entrusted us. Prayer is our secret weapon, and the word of God is our two-edged sword. In prayer we both lay out our petitions to the Lord, and take instructions, if we take the trouble, as we do in Christian Voice, to listen. He has no more forgotten this land than the Father forgot the Prodigal Son. The United Kingdom can and must come to its senses.


The first thing we must do is recognise that we are actually in a spiritual war, whether we like it or not. If anyone thinks that means we do spiritual warfare every Thursday when we meet, he has the wrong end of the stick. We don’t “do” spiritual warfare. We are in a spiritual war. (Eph 6:12) If we are in a spiritual war, then first of all we must remember (Eccl 8:8) that there is no leave, and no discharge, in war. It is not our war, it is God’s, so let us not think too highly of ourselves and let us do our duty as humble footsoldiers.

Secondly, we are losing. In fact, we have been losing very badly for a very long time, mainly because we have not realised we should have been fighting at all. Satan just walked in while the church was asleep. Now he has control of virtually the whole establishment. Our situation as believers is very similar to that of the French Resistance in Nazi-occupied France. Or it would be if we were as engaged in it as they were.


So how do you fight a war in occupied territory? The operative word is ‘guerrilla.’ It derives from the Spanish “guerra” for war, and “illa” being a diminutive. It means ‘little war’. So the word comes to mean an irregular war fought by small bodies of men against an established or occupying power. In fighting a stronger force, a ‘guerrilla’ band uses sabotage, harassment and surprise attacks. Such tactics are readily translated into prayer-based spiritual warfare.

In practical terms, what we do is try to disrupt Satan’s lines of communication, undermine his installations, hold our ground and capture little pieces of the enemy’s. We do not take on the enemy in the spiritual equivalent of open ground, because we shall be cut down. We pick off his easier targets, looking for points of weakness, asking the Lord to reveal where the enemy has left an unguarded spot. (Praying for confusion in the enemy ranks is always very effective.)


There is mention above of Satan being in control of the Establishment. Satan consequently has spiritual strongholds, command centres he uses to get his work done. A spiritual stronghold is simply a place where the people in charge are doing things Satan likes. Identifying spiritual strongholds is vital intelligence work.  Some spiritual strongholds are obvious – abortion clinics, sex shops, homosexual pubs, lap-dancing clubs, teenage contraceptive outlets, for instance.

Not all revolve around sex. Gambling casinos are obvious satanic strongholds, and so are new age shops, mosques, Hindu temples and Freemasonic halls. Other strongholds may be less obvious: a certain theatre, an ‘adult’ cinema, a drug-dealing area, a school with a fervent sexual health or evolution teacher, the diversity unit of the local police, or the Health Authority, Primary Care Trusts, the local council, or a university or college with Islamic or LGBT groups. Some may be revealed through the Lord directing ordinary research, others He may reveal in words or prayer as mentioned above.

How we then deal with them, and in which order, is a challenge of discernment. But it is important first to identify them. So much has been written on ‘Spiritual mapping’ that it has achieved almost cultic status. When we use the expression in Christian Voice we do not mean something which only specialist intercessors on some high spiritual plane can understand. We just mean marking places on a map. ‘Spiritual mapping’ of ‘spiritual strongholds’ is not quite as dramatic as it sounds.

Having the intelligence of what is going on in our area helps us to bring matters before the Lord and seek His direction. Almighty God will tell us how to go about waging His war and fighting His battles if we are prepared to listen. He will reveal strongholds of Satan invisible to the naked eye. He will indicate the enemy’s weak points. He will show us how to disrupt Satan’s lines of communication. He will give us a complete battle plan if He wishes and if we are listening.


When a course of action is decided upon, it should be covered with prayer both before, during and after. We should even pray for other Christian folks doing things we wouldn’t do and ask those who wouldn’t do what we do to pray for us. (1 Cor 12:6) Prayer is our line of communication with the Commander in Chief, but our communication sets must be set to ‘receive’ as well as to ‘send’. We tell the Lord what the problem is, but we must listen to God as well. It cannot be stressed enough that there are countless prayers which are made daily which never get answered because the people praying want to leave to God things which God is plainly calling them to do. God longs to answer, and if only the people praying were hearing God tell them what to do to make the prayer come alive, we should see more answers to prayer, and miracles on top.

There are some things only the Lord God Almighty can do on His own, and we should all be prepared for surprises as the Lord acts in His power in answer to our prayer. Equally, there are things the Lord God can only do through His people. We should all be attentive to the Lord’s calling to act and raise high His banner in the process.

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