Nov 26

Soldiers of Christ Attend Protest Against Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law

On Saturday 15th November, Soldiers of Christ youth leader joined with Christian Connection and a group of Pakistani Christians outside Downing Street to protest against Pakistan’s blasphemy law. This protest was in response to the brutal murders of Shahzad Masih and Shama Bibi the week before who were accused of ‘desecrating’ a Qur’an and effectively lynched.

The blasphemy law in Pakistan has been used against Christians for a number of years. Christians often find themselves in prison or even sentenced to death after being accused of blasphemy, usually on flimsy evidence. Lawyers and politicians who have dared to stand up in support of Christians have often received death threats or even been murdered themselves.

There were a number of rousing speeches in both English and Urdu, with people making their voice known and calling on the British government to use their influence on Pakistan demand the repeal of the blasphemy law. Emotions were high during the speeches, and there was almost a feeling of despair in the air. Many of the Pakistani Christians at the protest have Christian family still living in Pakistan and they were scared for the lives of their families. In between speeches by Pakistani Christians and others, there were many loud chants demanding the blasphemy law be repealed.

One Pakistani Christian came up to me and said, ‘can’t you see what you’re doing to yourselves in this country? You bend over backwards to support Islam, you are too scared to speak out against it lest you get called racist or Islamophobic. It’s not just a few extremists who are causing problems in Islam; Islam itself is the problem. There is nothing good or virtuous about it, it is pure evil. The Qur’an commands Muslims to slay non-Muslims wherever they find them’. This is something I found particularly challenging as indeed, Islam is evil and indeed most of us are too scared to speak out against it because of the politically correct elite.

The protest on Saturday is the first of many – the next will be held by the British Pakistani Christian Association outside Downing Street on Saturday 22nd November. It also follows a number of other protests recently against the incarceration and death sentence of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, also under Pakistan’s archaic blasphemy law. Both Christian Voice and the British Pakistani Christian Association have protested about the Asia Bibi case outside Downing Street and the Pakistani High Commission in London.

Please pray for the situation in Pakistan, that the Pakistani government will come to see that the blasphemy law is unjust and must be repealed. Please also pray for all of the Christians living in Pakistan. Pray that God will shine through them and bring his light to others through them. Pray for their safety and security and pray that God will deliver them from this injustice and oppression.

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