The Importance of Godly Men

Young men have an important role to play in society.  When the righteous women of old cried out for a child they were either promised or asked to be given sons. Sarah was blessed with Isaac, Manoah’s wife with Samson, Hannah with Samuel, Elizabeth with John the Baptist.  These boys turned out to be mighty men of God.

This is in no way to undermine the value of young women.  The Lord raised up a woman, Deborah, to fill the gap when men refused to lead in the time of the judges.  But Deborah was impatient that she had to fulfil what she saw as a male role and furious with her army commander when he would not take up his manly duty to lead the troops into battle.
The women mentioned above also saw that the man has the responsibility to lead and the sons they cried out for did just that, becoming Godly men of action.  With all that being said, we are seeking ways of integrating young women into this vision, recognising their Kingdom importance, whilst describing it in male terms for now.

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