Who Are The Soldiers of Christ?

Who are the Soldiers of Christ?
They are:
* Radical
* Life-Changing
* God-honouring
* Spirit-filled
* Christ-Centred
* Counter-Cultural
Soldiers of Christ is a radical youth group affiliated to Christian Voice,
in training to live lives honouring to God,
to see what the Bible says to nations today,
to understand the signs of the times,
to go out spiritually armed and protected,
to proclaim the word of God,
and to be prepared to do exploits and see the power of God.
Enlist in Soldiers of Christ using our ipetitions facility below:


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  1. Newby

    What denomination are you?

    1. Peter Greensmith

      Christian Voice/Soldiers of Christ is independent of religious, denominational or political parties. We would like to bring together young people from various denominations to take a stand and unite with us.

  2. daleyboy

    Does that include Roman Catholics ?

    Does “Soldiers of Christ” see those as Christians also ??

    I think this is something you should make clear in your statement of faith if you have not already, as there is much confusion on this topic.

    thanks in anticipation of a response.

    1. Peter Greensmith

      Soldiers of Christ is an offshoot of Christian Voice UK. Christian Voice has never had Catholic management. We are a Protestant organisation with a Protestant statement of faith. Why do you ask?

      May God bless you.

      1. daleyboy

        That is good to hear, thanks for your clarification.

        The reason I ask is because I was raised Roman Catholic and became a Christian at the age of 36. I have a passion to see Roman Catholics set free from their false religion and come to know Christ as I have.

        It breaks my heart to hear and see so called Christians working together with the Roman Catholic Church and accepting Roman Catholic’s as Christians.

        They (Roman Catholic’s) need to hear the truth and be witnessed to in order to be brought out of slavery to the pope, not accepted as bretheren.

        God bless you too

        1. Clarabelle

          Well said daleyboy – I was raised RC too, and so was my husband. We are now Christians and attend a good solid bible believing church. We have a passion too, to see RC’s set free from their false religion, they do need to hear the truth, and I like you, don’t like it when so called Christian churches “stand together” with RC’s..

          1. William Nesbitt

            We have many Roman Catholic people in Ireland who have been deluded for centuries by an evil system that charges for a salvation which has already been paid for by Jesus Christ. Hasten the day when it’s vice grip will be broken and the people set free.

  3. Simon

    Great to hear you guys want to to make a difference with Christ and for Him. What’s the age limit? I am 69.
    I can prayer!!!!

    1. Peter Greensmith

      Although we are aiming for the 18-30 age demographic, there is no fixed age limit. The primary focus of Soldiers of Christ is training in living a Godly life and holding a Christian worldview. We welcome anyone to sign up who feels they may need some training in this regard. We are also very grateful for any prayer over this ministry.

      May God bless you.

      1. daleyboy

        Did you get my e-mail Peter ?

        God bless

        1. Peter Greensmith

          Yes I did and I have now replied.

          God Bless you too.

  4. will brooks


    It’s good to see a gropu of young and some not so young that have passion and commitment and not afraid to speak up for our Lord.

    I would like to send you a document in connection with the very weakest point in Darwinism for which they cannot give a plausible answer and why we, as Christians, ought to politely but firmly lobby the BBC and the Education Department to permit crtiques of that particular beleif that does not stand up to scrutiny and falls t the very first fence.

    Do you have an email address to which I can send the doc please as I do not think this format will support the file transmission?

    Many thanks for your time and cosnideration.

    Best Wishes

    Will Brooks

  5. Monica

    Without being thoroughly familiar with your organization, it appears we are on the same “team”, for lack of a better term. Our message isn’t exactly orthodox and therefore, we are hit daily, by what I ref to as “friendly fire” by those in our very own body at large.

    I’m not sure what spooks people so much about Satan and the reality of his kingdom at work here on earth, through us, humans. But, I will tell you, there is as much opposition in the Church to Truth where the battle is concerned as the world. Horrible. We are defeated before we ever enter the battlefield, without knowledge. Armed with religion and false doctrine, I imagine we don’t pose much a threat to our enemy.
    Everyone wants to be saved and yet they don’t know what or who from. Scary indeed.

    Eph 6:12.. The rock of SHYwear’s ministry. Blessings for yours.

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